Edmundson Electrical Apprentice Wins Award!

A huge congratulations goes to George Cookson, an apprentice at Edmundson Morecambe, for his second Apprentice of the Month Award from Learning Skills Partnership.
Not only is this George's second time receiving this award during his time at Morecambe, but this time he has accomplished this wonderful achievement, after life-changing surgery. 
Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2022, George became very ill and was off work for 6 months. At just 18, he needed to have a liver transplant. George's Dad was his donor, and they have both successfully recovered from the surgery.
After his recovery, George returned to work as an apprentice at Edmundson Electrical and remarkably, within just one month, was awarded his second Apprentice of the Month Award.
Congratulations on your achievement in the face of adversity, George, and good luck completing the rest of your Apprenticeship.